I created this montage in 2004 for a center-spread in the New York Observer. I felt strongly (and still do) that Jerry deserved a Lifetime Achievement Award, and hoped to give the cause some momentum. When Jerry saw it, he called to thank me, adding that he was thrilled—but he had to put me to the test.

"Drew, what did I invent?," he asked.

After a long pause, I stammered, "Uh ... Video Assist?"

I passed the test. He said he didn't care about getting a Special Oscar—he only wanted to be remembered for inventing Video Assist. He mentioned that his 12-year-old daughter saw the "Hey, Oscar!" montage and said, "Daddy, you're famous!," which he found very amusing.

I don't need to add anything to Don Brockway's statement, except to say that if Stella McCartney doesn't show up wearing the t-shirt, I will.