FRANK SINATRA 2009 fine art print / edition of 35 / $285.00 each

This portrait of Frank Sinatra by Drew Friedman captures the Chairman of the Board during the 1950s, when his persona defined sophisticated swinging. Frank knew how to hold a note, his liquor, and a dame. In button-down mainstream America, Sinatra oozed free 'n easy; on the opposite side of the cultural divide, Ol' Blue Eyes didn't have to behave like a beatnik to convey cool. Elvis may have sold more records during the decade, but he couldn't outclass Sinatra. Frank was a sensation onstage, on record, on film, and on TV—and made it all look effortless. He had the world at his feet with a snap of his fingers. Any woman offended by his old-school use of the term "broad" wasn't worth a wink.

Sinatra performed with the élan of an artist who had no serious competitors. The nonchalant gestures never undercut the passion in The Voice, and his smooth delivery always hinted at power in reserve. Ten years after Frank's passing, his recordings continue to enchant old fans and seduce new ones. A personality larger than life, a legacy bigger than death. "Whatever else has been said about me personally is unimportant," he claimed. "When I sing, I believe. I'm honest."
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Only thirty-five (35) prints of FRANK SINATRA were produced for this edition. Each print is signed in the lower right, hand-titled in the center, and numbered in the lower left (all beneath the image). We have sold numbers 1/35 thru 33/35, and are now offering number 34/35, unframed, for $285 (plus shipping and handling). The final print of the edition will sell for $300 (however, the final two prints can be purchased together for $285/each). Once the edition sells out, this work will no longer be available from us as a fine art print.

The image area is 17" high x 10" wide centered on an untrimmed 19" x 13" sheet. Paper, ink, and production specifications, as well as shipping details, are available on our PRINT SPECS page.

The print's sepia toning is replicated from the original work, a watercolor on board. That's not an overlooked dust spot on the bridge of Sinatra's nose, as Friedman explains: "The freckle on his nose was airbrushed out of many photos, as were the scars on one side of his face. Not in this portrait. I painted it the weekend after he died in 1998, and it was very emotional."