SIDESHOW FREAKS 2011 fine art print / edition of 25 / (SOLD OUT)

The marginalized world of carny culture was brilliantly immortalized—and humanized—in Tod Browning's classic 1932 film, Freaks. Instead of hiring actors in makeup, Browning cast actual sideshow performers with physical deformities, and presented them as sympathetic members of a unique community of entertainers. (The "monsters" in Browning's plot were two "normal" performers who humiliated the "freaks" while conspiring to murder one to obtain his inheritance.)

Drawing on this legacy, Drew Friedman illustrated 50 legendary carnival performers and bound them between covers in his 2011 anthology DREW FRIEDMAN'S SIDESHOW FREAKS (Blast Books). Among the exhibits were several stars from Browning's film, including Johnny Eck (born with no body below his waist), the beloved Simon "Schlitzie" Metz (subject of another Friedman fine art print), and "Prince" Randian, who despite being born armless and legless lived 63 years with relative self-sufficiency.

The above panoramic portrait of 33 human anomalies appeared as the book's endpapers, and is available as a fine art print. The work was adapted from a 1934 photo of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey sideshow performers. (Unfortunately, none were identified on the photo.) It's a fascinating "class portrait" of a bygone era and a form of entertainment abhorrent to today's politically correct sensibilities.

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Only twenty-five (25) prints of SIDESHOW FREAKS were produced for this edition. Each print is signed in the lower right by the artist, hand-titled in the center, and numbered in the lower left (all beneath the image).

On September 5, 2017, we sold the final print of the edition. This work is no longer available from

The image area is 8-1/2" high x 16" wide on an 11" x 17" horizontal sheet (with a wider margin at the bottom for edition markings). Paper, ink, and production specifications, as well as shipping details, are available on our PRINT SPECS page.