GHOULARDI 2013 fine art print / special edition of 10 / $235.00

GHOULARDI, the mid-1960s alter-ego of Cleveland disc jockey, voice announcer, and actor Ernie Anderson, was the comic late-night host of Channel 8 WJW-TV's Shock Theater from 1963 thru 1966. A schizoid mix of beatnik, ethnic-shtick, and Dollar Store
El Diablo, Ghoulardi spoke in jive patois and often mocked the low-budget thrillers featured on the program. One of his many costume trademarks was a pair of sunglasses with a missing lens. His on-camera irreverence often led to clashes with station management, much to the delight of his dedicated fans. He also staged hundreds of local charity events (often sports-related) each year, attracting thousands of fans, and once actually filled Cleveland Stadium to capacity.

Drew Friedman rendered this portrait of Ghoulardi on commission for the cover of a limited edition (100 copies) biography, entitled Garageland, Ohio: A History of R&R music in Ohio, by Michael Murphy Graham and Nancy Wasen (to be published in 2014). The authors, who commissioned the cover, have given permission for Friedman to issue an exclusive limited edition fine art print of the work.
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Only ten (10) prints of GHOULARDI were produced for this Special Edition. Each print is signed in the lower right by the artist, hand-titled in the center, and numbered in the lower left (all beneath the image). We have sold print numbers 1/10 thru 7/10, and are now offering number 8/10, unframed, for $235 (plus shipping & handling). Prices will increase for remaining prints as the edition depletes. These prints are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the run sells out, the work will not be offered in any other fine art print format.

The image area is 14" high x 11" wide centered on an untrimmed 19" x 13" sheet. Paper, ink, and production specifications, as well as shipping details, are available on our PRINT SPECS page.