JUDSON FOUNTAIN 2009 fine art print / edition of 15 / $175.00
Before TV, radio was the home entertainment hearth. Nowadays it offers music, news, and topical chatter, but from the 1920s thru the '40s the airwaves crackled with drama, comedy, and murder mysteries. JUDSON FOUNTAIN (b. 1952, Brooklyn) grew up after the golden age of radio theater, but became enchanted with suspense-driven chillers like Inner Sanctum and The Shadow. While America morphed into couch potatoes, Judson quixotically tried to revive the art of radio fantasy. That he lacked training, technology, skilled staff, and a budget did not deter him. Ed Wood, Jr. made movies; Judson produced radio dramas.

In his late teens Fountain began writing and recording dozens of primitive, gothic-tinged playlets. His derivative plotlines, flavored with Halloween kitsch—spooks, zombies, haunted houses—dished up morality plays about redemption for the noble-hearted and damnation for evildoers. Read more...
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The print features a typographical adaptation of Drew Friedman's cover art for the 2008 Judson Fountain CD Dark, Dark, Dark Tales ... And Other Dark Tales! The CD title has been replaced (by designer Laura Lindgren) with what many consider Judson's magnum opus, The Old Woman of Haunted House, which co-stars Sandor Weisberger.

Only fifteen (15) prints of JUDSON FOUNTAIN were produced for this edition. Each full-color print is signed in the lower right and numbered in the lower left beneath the image. We have sold print numbers 1/15 and 2/15, and are now offering numbers 3/15 thru 5/15, unframed, for $175 each (plus shipping and handling). Prices will increase for subsequent prints as the edition depletes.

The image area is 15" x 14-1/2" (with irregular borders) on an untrimmed 22" x 17" sheet. Paper, ink, and production specifications, as well as shipping details, are available on our PRINT SPECS page.