RAYMOND SCOTT 2008 fine art print / edition of 30 / $300.00
Maestro of the Machine Age, RAYMOND SCOTT (b. Harry Warnow, Sept. 10, 1908, Brooklyn; d. Feb. 8, 1994, Los Angeles) was a perfectionist bandleader and quirky composer in the 1930s and '40s who evolved into a high-tech musical guru in the '50s and '60s. His early works, particularly "Powerhouse" and "The Toy Trumpet," were immortalized in countless classic Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck cartoon soundtracks. A half-century later his novelties spiced episodes of The Simpsons, Ren & Stimpy, Animaniacs, The Oblongs, and Duckman. The recordings of his 1937-39 six-man "Quintette" (depicted in the portrait) screamed animation—yet Scott never wrote a note for a cartoon in his life. He was creating what he termed "descriptive jazz," typified by such wild titles as "New Year's Eve in a Haunted House," "War Dance for Wooden Indians," and "Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals." Read more...
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The Raymond Scott portrait was commissioned to commemorate the composer's centennial in September 2008. When the portrait was complete, the decision was made to issue it as a signed, limited edition fine art print, making it the first Drew Friedman work to be offered commercially as a fine art reproduction.

Only thirty (30) prints of RAYMOND SCOTT were produced for this edition. Each print is signed in the lower right, hand-titled in the center, and numbered in the lower left (all beneath the image). We have sold print numbers 1/30 thru 13/30, and are now offering numbers 14/30 thru 20/30, unframed, at $300 each (plus shipping). The price of remaining prints will increase as edition stock depletes.

The image area is 16-1/4" high x 15" wide on an untrimmed 22" x 17" sheet. Paper, ink, and production specifications are available on our PRINT SPECS page.