SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS 2009 fine art print / edition of 30 / $215.00
Onstage, he emerged from a coffin. His outlandish costumes included leopard-skin suits, Victorian shirts, and voodoo regalia. He brandished a smoking skull (named Henry) on a stick, wielded rubber snakes and fake tarantulas, sported a boar's tooth around his neck and a bone through his nose—all to cartoon effect. He was called "a black Vincent Price," but you could just as easily say that Alice Cooper was "a white Screamin' Jay Hawkins." Who knew that a black man invented Goth Rock?

Ironically, this former teenage Golden Gloves boxing champ (b. Jalacy Hawkins, July 18, 1929, Cleveland; d. Feb. 12, 2000, Paris) aspired to follow in the footsteps of booming baritone Paul Robeson and become an opera singer. Those footsteps trod a wayward path that forged a recording career highlighted by songs like "Constipation Blues" and "Feast of the Mau Mau."

His legacy theme was "I Put A Spell On You," a song that's been covered often but never matched. The recording session is an object lesson in success at the cost of doing everything wrong. Read more...
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Only thirty (30) prints of SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS were produced for this edition. Each print is signed in the lower right, hand-titled in the center, and numbered in the lower left (all beneath the image). We have sold numbers 1/30 thru 11/30, and are now offering numbers 12/30 thru 15/30, unframed, for $215 each (plus shipping and handling). Prices will increase for subsequent prints as the edition depletes.

The image area is 18-1/2" high x 14" wide on an untrimmed 22" x 17" sheet. Paper, ink, and production specifications, as well as shipping details, are available on our PRINT SPECS page.